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Bose-Einstein Condensation, what is it?  The 2001 Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Eric A. Cornell, Wolfgang Ketterle and Carl E. Wieman for making a  Bose-Einstein condensate.  Check out this simple explanation.

Where on Earth did that link of the month go?

Harvard Biotechnology Club  Career Services, Industry Focus, Investment, Start-Up Info, Emerging Technologies.


Chromatographic Links  A well maintained comprehensive compendium of chromatographic resources.  Maintained by Dr. Carlos Lopez

09/24/04 The Proteomics Tool Kit  at the Institute for Systems Biology,
Protein Digestor, Fragment Calculator, etc...

Proteomic Research Services, Inc. A spin off from Genomic Solutions.  They have many proteomic protocols posted on their web site. Very Cool!

11/16/04 The Global Proteome Machine Organization "The GPM"  Click on "Human" in the left hand column to search a human db with MS data.  No limit to the number of spectra you can submit! It's fast!
12/02/01  A great web site packed with information on instrument, analytical method and computer validation.

12/02/04 UniProt The Universal Protein Resource
It is a central repository of protein sequence and function created by joining the information contained in Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL, and PIR."

New from the ACS, Journal of Proteome Research, full length PDF articles by John R. Yates, III and Catherine Fenselau.

2/28/05 Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A.  try out their high through-put solution for proteomics, Phenyx.  Either download the Phenyx calculation engine or use the Phenyx Virtual Desktop free! 

proteomicsSurf  "A Research Pointer to the Proteomics & Scientific IT Resources" A very good contact point to many of the the techniques used in proteomics research.

6/20/05 Glossolalia: a common language for MS data  tools for converting disparate MS file formats into the common file format mzXML.  Also tools for viewing mzXML data.

Atomic Weights and Isotopic Compositions with Relative Atomic Masses  NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology. Featuring an Online Database. 

9/12/05 PubChem Structure Search at NCBI, Search by Compound Name, Synonym or ID. Try Searching "Aspirin."  You will be amazed!
06/24/02 Try Googles Image Search.  Try searching for your favorite mass spectrometer, e.g. LCQ.  Give it a try.  
10/29/05 GeneBio has launched a new proteomic search engine, a web version of Phenyx. Create an account so that you can track your past submissions and keep your results private. 

Proteomics at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center  This Proteomics Powerhouse lead by Mark Duncan provides many resources including on-line proteomics protocols and a 2D gel database 

12/01/05 Is your MS data file too big to send as an e-mail attachment?  Send up to 1 GIG free with a free service called YouSendIt. It's been working for us, check it out,
(now charging 4.99/mo)

History of Xenobiotic Metabolism at BioAnalytical Systems, Inc. covering the following topics:  Oxidation, Sulfation, Glucuronides, Acetylation, Methylation, Reduction, Mercapturic Acid, Founding of the Field, Drug Metabolism Methodology, In Vitro Technology, P-450, The Future


Paul Gates has a new Mass Spectrometry Resource at the University of Bristol. This site is well worth bookmarking. Paul previously published the site, Theory of Mass Spectrometry, at Cambridge University.

05/23/03 Upchurch HPLC Center wins this months "Link of the Month Award."  It is a well organized center of HPLC resources, go take a look!  03/02/06

PepNovo is a free de novo sequencing on-line resource designed specifically for ion trap data. You can try sequencing this dta file (right click & save as 909.dta). De Novo sequencing with trap data is difficult, but this program does a good job. We set the min and max tag length to 6 and set min. prob. to 0.5 and selected tryptic.  Here is the theoretical sequence GLSDGEWQQLNVWGK  Look at the longest, highest probability tag in the output!  

03/08/04 UNIMOD protein modifications for mass spectrometry 6/17/07

Watch ThermoFisher’s wildest mass spec movie ever.  It’s a takeoff on the popular TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  “I wonder if I'll get residuals for my nanospray device being on TV?”  Watch the movie.


30 day free trial of Bioinformatics Solutions peptide de novo sequencing program PEAKS. Try it free.


Metabolomics Science A great metabolomics resource offered at the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry


10/3/2012 Did you know that there is an entire website dedicated to the most popular mass spectrometer of all time? Visit 4/13/10

Skyline is a Windows client application for building Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) / Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) methods and analyzing the resulting mass spectrometer data. It aims to employ cutting-edge technologies for creating and iteratively refining SRM methods for large-scale proteomics studies. (free)

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