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Amino Acid Properties
Author(s): Ronald C. Beavis, Ph.D. and David Fenyo, Ph.D.
Site Origin: The Rockefeller University. New York, NY
Description: One of the best amino acid information pages on the internet.  This resource is notable for it's simplicity, completeness and printable reference tables. 

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (MS)
Author(s):  Brian M. Tissue, Ph.D.
Site Origin:
Virginia Tech Chemistry Department
Description:  Best intro to ms we have seen.  This site also covers "Analytical Chemistry Basics", "Solving Equlibrium Problems", "Analytical Spectroscopy." A must explore site. 


Protein Prospector 
Author(s): Karl Clauser, Ph.D., and Peter Baker, Ph.D.
Site Origin:
University of California San Francisco
The UCSF Mass Spectrometry Page, Alma L. Burlingame, PhD, Director.  The web home of "Protein Prospector." Tools include  search by peptide mass, search with peptide ms/ms data, search with Edman data, etc.. "Protein Prospector" is one of the best database searching tools we have used.

Worthington Biochemical Corporation
Author(s): Worthington Biochemical Corporation
Site Origin:
Worthington Biochemical Corporation
Description:  The
Worthington Biochemical Corporation web site should be the standard for corporate web sites.  The site is packed with useful information, the enzyme manual, tutorials on enzymes and biochemistry all containing tons of literature references.  The enzyme manual is my favorite.  The enzyme manual is a searchable index of enzymes with digest methods and enzyme information and pages of enzyme references. This is the only link to make it directly to the IonSource.Com front page the Four Star page and the Tutorials link page. http://www.worthington-biochem.com/


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