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Monosaccharide Mass and Structure

Included is a table with monosaccharide average and monoisotopic mass for intact and residues strucutres.

Simple Carbohydrate Mass Table

A printable monosaccharide  table with monoisotopic and average mass and elemental composition.  

Low Mass Carbohydrate Marker Ions


These ions are observed in MS/MS experiments and in source CID experiments and are a good way of deducing (to some extent)  the carbohydrate composition of a glyco peptide.

Common N-Linked Glycan Simplified Structures and Masses

A few common simplified structures with average and monoisotopic mass.  Included is a downloadable PowerPoint slide of structures so that you can create your own structures.  Also download a carbocalculator done in Excel.

Clip Art

Feel free to use these small gifs in you personal presentations, cut and paste. 


Glycopeptide Heterogeneity and Mass Pattern Recognition

Learn to recognize the pattern of  carbohydrate heterogeneity in your spectra.  Included is a table of multiply charged sugar residues and a high mannose example.

N- and O-linked 
Protein Glycosylation

Learn about "N" and "O" linked protein glycosylation.

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