Interpreting Electrospray Mass Spectra
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The Mass Spectrum (Intro)

"The first time I saw electrospray data"

(a personal story)

-The focus of this tutorial-

This tutorial mainly focuses on the interpretation of mass spectra containing multiply charged molecules generated by the electrospray ionization process.  In this tutorial we use peptides to demonstrate the complexity of ESI spectra. While small molecule pharmaceutical drugs (mw 200-500) in most instances ionize quite well in electrospray they routinely display only a single charge state [M+H]1+ making interpretation fairly straight forward.  Don't be discouraged, if your business is low molecular weight analysis the majority of the principles discussed in this tutorial still apply in full scan mass analysis of small molecules. In the near future we will present a tutorial that focuses on small molecule quantification in pharmacokinetic analysis, so check back often.

We hope this short tutorial is useful to you, sometimes the best place to start is at the beginning.





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